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Unsecured Business Loans Pinehill

A Pinehill unsecured business loan is quick and simple in applying for. Apply for a loan quickly and begin using the money for your company.

  • Would extra funds help your business in working capital, or to take advantage of the potential for growth?
  • What is the financing strategy you are using to fund your business requirements?

What to expect:

  • Easy process to fill out and be approved for funds as soon as tomorrow
  • Optionally no reayments in the initial four weeks
  • Borrow from $5k to $500K
  • Terms from 3-36 months
  • Competitive rates of interest prices
  • Minimal documentation

The eligibility requirements for an unsecured business loan to be made in Pinehill are fairly minimal.

I'm now able to hire a marketer to boost my business to the next level.
Growing Pinehill Business
Simple loan application procedure with a large borrowing limit, minimal credit criteria and no requirement to create a business plan. You no longer need to use your personal credit card or business credit cards in order to fund your company.
Unsecured Loans Made Simple
Business loans, specifically those that are unsecured business loan or line of credit for business financing need never be an difficult procedure. Business finance is in the form in the form of small business loans at an interest rate cost, and with a repayment schedule that fits your company financial needs.
Business Lenders for Business Goals
I'm now able take vacation knowing that it is safe knowing that Pinehill company will run smoothly.
Local Business Owner
I can now make coffee for my customers with the best equipment.
Cafe Owner
I am now able to fund the remodel of our brand new Pinehill resturant without having to take cash from other restaurants.
Pinehill Resturant Owner
I'm able to get my tax back in order.
Small Business Owner
Business loans with interest rates and repayment terms and flexible repayment options to meet you company needs.
Business Lending Options
Unsecured Business Loan Service Provider

Fast Approval Process

Applying for an company credit in Pinehill with us is simple and only takes about a couple of minutes, there are no mountains of paperwork or queues.

Approved and receive cash within 1-2 business days.

Helping Business Owners Looking for an Unsecured Loan

People Choose Us Because We Get Results

We want to assist Pinehill businesses of all kinds, including medium, small and even soloprenuers to get access to money quickly, so that they can use the loan to expand and develop.

  • It starts with an easy online application or a phone call
  • Flexible terms for repayment to fit your company
  • Fast funding within a day or two days
  • A team of people who want for you as well as your business to be successful
Simple eligibility checklist

Small Business Loan Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility requirements for an unsecured business loan in Pinehill of between $5K and $100K are fairly minimal.

  • At least 6 months in business
  • At least $6,000 in income per month
  • You must be a New Zealand based company with a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)
  • Passport or Driver’s License for identification proof
  • Use a New Zealand bank as your principal trading account
  • Bank statements from the previous six months

Are you looking for additional funding? Review the eligibility requirements for our $100K to $500K company credit.

Here's How Other People Have Benefited

Examples of Business Loans

With the busy holiday season approaching, a clothing store required working capital in order to purchase more stock and also benefit from discounts from suppliers. They took out a loan of $20K over a period of 12 months with no asset security required and had the money in just 24 hours.
Clothing Store
A company coach was seeking to invest in a well-being as well as beauty business. With just under $12K in monthly revenue they borrowed $24K in 24 months. The loan required the submission of 12 months' bank statement and was done in 8 hours.
Business Coach
A plumber who has had business for 3 years, with 80K in monthly sales was in search of additional funds. They borrowed $153K over 36 months. All that was required were 12 months' worth of statement and confirmation from the IRD. The process was complete within just a few hours and the plumber got their extra working capital in their account soon afterward.
A designer for interiors had seen an opportunity to increase the size of their business and needed working capital to finance the expansion. With a monthly income of $300K, they borrowed $250K over 24 months. Turnaround time for them was only 2 days, and all they had for them to present were 12 months worth of banking statement along with IRD confirmation and their trust deed.
Interior Designer
Following the purchase of a pizza shop and 2 liquor stores 6-to 12 months ago, the new owners were seeking additional cash. The revenue total was greater than 500K per month. They could have borrowed $300K. The loan was split into $100K per store with the option of 24- and 36 month terms. No security over the owner's homes was needed.
Owner of a Pizza Store & 2 Liquor Stores
Simple eligibility checklist

Larger Pinehill Business Loan Eligibility Criteria

The criteria to be eligible in larger Pinehill company loans of between $100K and $500K include:

  • Minimum of 3 year’s experience in business
  • At least $700K of annual income
  • You must be a New Zealand based business with an New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)
  • Passport or Driver’s Licence for identification
  • Have an account with a New Zealand bank as your main trading account
  • Bank statements from the previous six months
  • Some financial statements like Profit & Loss, and aged accounts Payable and Receivable

Looking for a smaller amount of funds? Take a look at the conditions for eligibility for our $5K-$100K Pinehill unsecured company loans.

Business Lending for a Cash Injection

What do you want to use the business loan in Pinehill for?

A Pinehill unsecured loan is ideal for virtually any company use. Talk to us today.

  • Add or remodel commercial spaces
  • Hire more staff for busy periods
  • Grow stock quantities to keep up with demand
  • Develop a new website, or increase your marketing
  • Put money into new tools, equipment or technological advancements
  • Buy extra stock to meet the seasonal demand
  • Manage cash flow fluctuations
  • Plus lots more …

Do you want to start working on one of these idea as quickly as tomorrow? Get in touch with us now or apply online to get the fastest and most efficient process.

Quick application checklist

What do you need to apply

All that’s required to begin is your contact information (company name and your name, as well as email and telephone) along with the amount you want to borrow, and your monthly revenue.

Through the process and before settlement we’ll require confirmation of your identity however, not in order to begin:

  • Details of the Idenfication (valid Driver’s License)
  • Information about the company, including details on trading hours as well as ownership information and the NZBN (New Zealand Business Number)

Once we’ve started when it comes to loans over $150,000 you’ll require the following financial statements:

  • Profit & Loss statement
  • Aged payables
  • Aged receivables

Let’s get started now.


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    Here's How Others Have Benefited

    Examples of Business Loans

    A gym that was going for nearly 3 years decided to increase its size and required additional equipment. With a monthly turnover of $37K they borrowed$72K over a 24 month period. The loan was not secured to secure the loan. It was compelted in only 24 hours.
    A restaurant owner was wanting to open another restaurant and needed funding to fit out. The bank was not interested in helping. Their typical monthly earnings was $50K. They were able to borrow $66K over the course of 24 months. The turnaround time was 8 hours.
    Restaurant Owner
    The owner of a small grocery store that earned $70K per month borrowed $76K over a 24-month term , without making any repayments for the first 4 weeks. This was contingent on 12 months of bank statements. The turnaround time was only 6 hours from the time of application until receiving the money.
    Grocery Store Small Business Loan
    A plumber who's had business for three years with 80K in monthly sales was looking for additional funding. They borrowed $153K over the course of 36 months. All that was needed to be provided was 12 month bank statements as well as confirmation of their status with IRD. The procedure was completed within one day, and the plumber got their extra working capital in their account soon afterward.
    An interior designer had spotted an opportunity to expand their business and required working capital to fund this growth. With an annual revenue of $300K they borrowed $250K over 24 months. Turnaround time for them was only 2 days, and all they needed for them to provide is 12 months' worth of Bank statement, IRD confirmation, and their trust deed.
    Interior Designer

    The lending landscape has changed

    In the wake of traditional lenders and banks restricting credit, the steady stream of alternative and non-bank loan providers entering the market offers the perfect source to tap into.

    Pinehill SME’s are now in a position to obtain finance via alternate lenders servicing Pinehill who are focused on enabling business expansion or smoothing out cash flow issues. In the past private credit options (drawing equity from the house loan, or by using credit cards in addition to personal loans and the overdraft) were the only alternative financing services for Pinehill that were available.

    There’s no requirement for you to rely on using real estate to secure business lending. With an unsecured loan business funding is made simple. Instead of a term loan through banks, business finance for a small business with interest rates and loan terms that help in cash flow are available as business credit options.



    High level summary

    Separate personal and business debt

    There are many benefits with the separation of personal and business debt.

    • Your home or other investmentsaren’t tied for the purpose of accessing funds
    • It is the business has a better position to establish its own, clear credit history
    • It is much more straightforward for tax time
    • Businesses are able to easily review how they are performing, monitor and plan on being able to easily evaluate their cash flow situation

    Limit your exposure, make tax time simpler, start with an unsecured busines loan, apply today.

    For those who like the detail

    Separate personal and business debt


    One major benefit of keeping your personal and company assets separate can be that your home isn’t necessarily tied up to allow access to the funds. For a modest business loan within Pinehill up to $100K asset security won’t be required so long as the borrower fulfills the loan requirements.

    Credit history

    Businesses will be in a favourable long-term position if they can demonstrate good credit/debt ability to service.


    The separation of personal as well as company finances makes it much more straightforward in the event of tax time - particularly when determining what is the tax-deductible allocation. Particularly when determining what is the tax deductible allocation. IRD has set out guidelines on the proof required to claim deductions on a company’s tax return. This is an area that the IRD have specifically advised on.

    Cash flow

    Effective management of cash flows is essential to the long-term survival in any company. By maintaining personal as well as company finance separate, businesses can easily view, monitor and plan based on the ability to clearly examine their cash flow.

    I'm now able to go on time off knowing that my Pinehill company will run without a hitch.
    Local Business Owner
    Business loans, specifically those that are unsecured business loan or line of credit to business funding need to not become a stressful procedure. Finance for a business in the shape in the form of small business loans at a fixed interest rates and repayment schedule that fits your company financial needs.
    Business Lenders for Business Goals
    I am now able to fund the renovation of our modern Pinehill resturant without having draw cash from other locations.
    Pinehill Resturant Owner
    Business business loans, interest rates and repayment conditions, and flexible repayment options that can be tailored to your business needs.
    Business Lending Options
    I can get my tax back in order.
    Small Business Owner
    I'm now able make the coffee I serve my clients with the best equipment.
    Cafe Owner
    Simple loan application procedure with a huge loan limit, with minimal credit criteria and there is no need to present a business plan. You no longer need to use your personal credit card or company credit cards in order to fund your business.
    Unsecured Loans Made Simple
    I'm now able to hire a marketing expert to help me take my company to the next stage of business growth.
    Growing Business
    FAQ: business lending & business loans for business owners

    Business Loans Frequently Ask Questions

    Details of The Pinehill Small Business Loans

    Let me know how you can avail the Pinehill Small Business Loans

    Pinehill unsecured loans provides amounts between $5,000 and $100,000. Terms range from 3 and 24 months. They also offer cash flow friendly repayments that are either per day or weekly.

    What is the Unsecured Loan different from an ordinary business loan?

    Apply to the Small Business Loan in under 10 minutes on the internet or over the phone, receive an answer within the same day and funds may be in your account in 24 hours. Traditional business loans reference an annual interest rate together with additional fees and charges. Our company loan is a pre-paid loan so you will be aware in advance of the total amount payable including any fees, interest or charges. This is then divided into weekly or daily repayment figure.

    What can be the Small Business Loan be used for?

    A Small Business Loan can be used for almost every business purpose including cash flow management, company remodeling, marketing to purchase inventory, new equipment, to fund general working capital, and much more. The loan cannot be used for personal reasons.

    About larger Pinehill Business Loans

    What is the Larger Pinehill Business Loan?

    The Larger Business Loan is a larger amount of loan to help business growth opportunities. The loan ranges from $100,000 to $500,000 with a fixed-term for up to 36 months. Repayments are scheduled weekly or fortnightly depending on your situation.

    How’s the Origination Fee calculated?

    A Larger Business Loan has an Origination Fee, which is calculated at 2.5 percentage of the amount of the loan.

    Do I qualify for the Larger Business Loan?

    To qualify for a loan of this size, your business needs to be in operation for at least 3 years and generate an annual revenue of $700K. Your company must belong to a New Zealand Citizen (or Permanent Resident) with a minimum age of 18 years old or have a New Zealand business (with a valid NZBN/IRD) and be able to demonstrate at minimum 12 months of business.

    What can I use the funds for?

    A Business Loan of a larger size can be used for nearly all company use, including company renovations, purchase of equipment or inventory for general working capital, and much more. The loan cannot be used to fund personal expenses.

    Is the Larger Business Loan one that requires security?

    Asset security is necessary for accessing funds over $150,000. It is usually as a result of an charge over assets, and may include the registration of this through the PPSR or filing a caveat.

    A personal or director’s guarantee is a promise to pay back a loan that is generally based rather than stating the security of a specific asset. The person who signs the ensure is personally liable in the event that the business borrower is unable to re-pay the debt.

    The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is an online central register run by the New Zealand Government. It lists security interests that are granted to individuals who own personal property (including the assets or goods). The PPSR allows preference over private property granted in accordance with the date on which a registration of a security interest.

    The caveat can be described as a formal form of document to offer the public notice of a legal claim to a property.

    What is a pre-approval without Credit Check?

    If you’re seeking larger company loans that exceeds $250,000, we may offer an initial pre-approval in order to ease the process. We could be able to do this without a credit verification and within six hours of your initial application. This pre-approval is made based on a preliminary assessment which includes you answering some financial health questions. It’s not an offer or guarantee of finance. Unconditional approval is subject to an extensive credit evaluation and any offer that you may receive may be on different conditions.

    The application process

    Are I eligible for funding?

    You may apply for an business loan if you;

    • are a New Zealand Citizen (or Permanent Resident)
    • are over 18 years, have a New Zealand company (with a valid NZBN/IRD)
    • you must prove at least 6 months worth of trade (for the unsecured loan $5K – $100K) or three years of trade (for the Larger Business Loan $100K to $500K)

    How do I apply?

    The application process is fast and simple. Simply complete the online form within a few minutes and a dedicated company lending specialist will call you to help you.

    To be eligible for up to $100,000, you’ll require identification details (valid Driver’s Licence) as well as a valid NZBN/IRD and at least six months worth of bank statements.

    In addition, for larger loan sizes, you’ll require:

    $100K to $250K: Application details including credit approval, 6-12 months of bank statements, IRD statement (if credit is over $150K).
    $250K-$500K: Information on the application including credit consent as well as 12 months bank statement, an IRD statements as well as the two most recent years’ financial statements, plus interim financials for the current financial year such as age-related payables and aged Receivables reports.

    How fast will I get a decision?

    For an unsecured loan ($5K or more) We can usually provide a response in one hour – as long as you apply within quality business hours and you allow us to utilise the advanced bank verification system link to instantly verify your bank information online. If you decide to send us copies of your bank statements , we are able to offer a decision within just the span of one business day.

    If you are applying for a Larger Business Loan ($100K or more) we could be likely to provide you with a conditional pre-approval in around six hours. Once you have signed the pre-approval form, it will take approximately 2-3 days to receive final approval. However, it could be faster based on the particular circumstances of each application. Certain transactions have received approval in the space of 24 hours.

    The quickest method would be to make sure you apply during normal company hours. You can also let us use the modern bank verification to verify your bank information online. If you opt to send us the copies of bank accounts, it takes a bit longer.

    How fast will I get the money?

    For the Small Business Loan ($5K to $100K) we can often offer a response in one hour, provided you submit your request at normal business time and permit us to use the advanced bank verification system to immediately verify your bank account information online. If you want to upload copies of your banking statements, we’ll be able to provide a decision within an business day.

    For Larger Business Loans ($100K or more) we might be able to offer you with conditional pre-approval in about 6 hours. Once you’ve signed your pre-approval form, it will take about 2-3 days for final approval. However, this can be faster depending on the particular circumstances of each application. Certain offers have been approved within less than 24 hours.

    The most effective method can be make sure you apply during standard business hours and permit us to use the modern bank verification link to verify your bank information online. If you opt to send us duplicates of your banking accounts, it can take a bit longer.

    What is the maximum amount I can borrow?

    We provide the loan amount between $5,000 to $500,000. When you make an application for a particular amount, we look at a variety of elements that determine the well-being of the company and the level of repayments that your company can afford. The amount you receive from your loan will be contingent on the specifics for your business.

    When you make an application for a certain amount, we look at a range of variables to determine your health that is your business as well as the amount of payments your company will be able to support. The amount you receive from your loan will be determined by the particular circumstances of your business.

    Fees & repayments

    How much do you charge for the cost of a business loan?

    When you apply for business loans with us business financing, we’ll assess the risk profile that you have for your company and offer an individualised proposal that includes the amount of loan, the term and the interest rates. The company loan is an upfront cost loan therefore you will be aware of the total amount to be paid, including any interest rates, fees or charges.

    What is the basis for the rate I will be charged?

    The interest rates on company loans rates depend on several factors like the amount of money borrowed, what company assets the money are used to purchase in addition to the industry that the business operates in, the long the company has been in operation, in the event that the business has sufficient cash flow to cover the loan, and general health and creditworthiness of the business.

    What are the cost?

    There aren’t any hidden costs for our company loans. You’ll know precisely how much you be required to pay and when, right from the very first day. There’s no compounding interest, and no additional fees (as long as you make your payments punctually).

    We don’t charge an application fee. You are able to make an application for loans absolutely no upfront cost and no any obligation to sign up.

    The Origination Fee covers the expenses involved with establishing and managing the loan. It is only charged for this cost if you take out the loan. Our Origination Fee is 2.5 percentage of the amount of loan.

    Do I have the option of paying off the loan early?

    You may choose to pay back the total amount of your loan at any point in time.

    If you choose to do this please call our helpful company loans experts. The experts will offer you with details on repayment along with an early payout estimate. This is calculated as the total of the principal remaining and accrued interest to the time of early payout plus 1.5% of the remaining principal plus any outstanding fees.

    What is the process for repayments?

    To help you avoid missing payments and to work with your cash flow cycle we offer repayments that are either weekly or daily. These are automatically deducted from your designated business account.

    Security & privacy

    Will my information be protected?

    Making sure that your information is secure, and knowing the ways we gather data, process, exchange and secure your information, is of paramount importance and is an essential part of our relationship you.

    Is it safe to link my bank account to the platform?

    Yes. We utilise industry-recognised encryption standards to protect your personal, sensitive financial and other data. Our funders are ISO 27001 certified for our dedication to protecting the security of clients and privacy. We employ a highly sophisticated bank verification system link to instantly confirm your bank account information online so we can offer an immediate response.

    About business loans

    How do you define asset-based lending (a secured loan)?

    An asset-based loan is when a company owner makes use of an asset that they own to get a loan. The asset may be an individual asset, such as the family home, or a business asset like a truck or piece or equipment.

    The vast majority of lenders, including the banks with the biggest size, prefer to make loans secured by assets. If you’re struggling to pay back the loan, then the asset could be sold by the lender. In essence, it’s an opportunity to secure additional financing using the value of what you already have.

    Should I require security to secure a business loan?

    For loans that exceed $150K, the requirement for asset security is not required prior to the loan’s access However, we do require a personal guarantee. If you adhere to the loan terms (as stipulated in your loan contract document) and you are able to meet your obligations, asset security is not needed. For loans of over $150,000 generally, you can get the option of a personal ensure and security is provided in the form of the charge of assets.

    Industries we currently aren't able to help with

    • Adult related industries
    • Auction websites & auction houses
    • Debt collection agencies & debt purchasers
    • Direct marketing including mail order, fundraising, telemarketing, direct-mail etc.
    • Finance institutions and lenders
    • {Firearm related businesses
    • Foreign currency exchange offerings
    • Freight forwarding and customs clearing houses
    • Business involved with gambling
    • Not-for-profit organisations such as charities and churches etc
    • Panel beaters & smash repairers
    • Pawn shops & pawnbrokers
    • Property development
    • Investment business, shares or stockbrokers
    • Tattoo palours
    • Taxi and ride sharing services
    • Entertainment sales or ticket resellers
    • Tow truck services
    • Used automotive dealers
    • Automotive glass tintingcompanies
    • Automotive dismantlers

    While we aren’t able to help with an unsecured business loan for these types of industries, we may be able to assist with a secured business loan.

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